May 6th, 2010

ben, trek

Thursday Graphics Post


Here is the weekly post where members can link to their icons, wallpapers, macros, and other misc. graphics.

As always, we recommend you link to your journal, rather than posting all your icons in a single comment. A preview of a few icons/one of your wallpapers (preferably resized, or a thumbnail) is the way to go.

Punch it. ♥

Leonard Nimoy was in my city and no one posted about it?!

For shame! All right to give a bit of background, April 24 and 25 were the days of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo,

and Leonard Nimoy was the guest of honour. Some wonderful person, not me because I got stuck in the overflow room and had to watch the awesomeness on a TV screen :(, recorded his panel session and posted it on Youtube:

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