May 10th, 2010

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This is the weekly post where members can plan meetups for movies, conventions, and misc events.

Just specify the city/country you're in and link to a post in your personal journal where your neighbors can plan the meetup with you. or else check out the list of communities dedicated to these meet-ups  Collapse )


For those of you who were able to document your meetups, please post your pics and recaps here, or better yet link to a post in your own LJ so that the comment pages here don't break the internet.

Even if you didn't take any pictures, please feel free to recount the awesomeness of meeting with other GQMF's, any funny conversations or accidental meeting of other Star Trek geeks fans. lol

Do it!
Alice in Wonderland

ZQ's 'Margin Call' may be headed for Cannes Film Festival

First of all, I had no idea Kevin Spacey was involved in this project until now... but I guess he is.

Cannes Buyers To Get Crack At Kevin Spacey and Zachary Quinto's 'Margin Call'

EXCLUSIVE: It’s the start of the Cannes Film Festival, when film packages that percolated quietly surface to be shopped for distribution around the world. Here’s the first good one I’ve come across, with a topical premise: Kevin Spacey and Zachary Quinto have committed to star in Margin Call, a corporate thriller that marks the feature directing debut of J.C. Chandor, who wrote the script.

The film tracks eight people at a prominent investment back in a tumultuous 24-hour period during the early stages of the financial crisis. The characters struggle to position themselves ahead of the coming storm. Myriad Pictures will rep the film at Cannes, while Quinto's reps at Untitled Entertainment and UTA will broker a domestic deal. The film will shoot in Manhattan this summer.

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