May 19th, 2010


Bake it So/Make it Sew

Double recap next week!  Also, I still need a tutorial for next week if anyone's interested... doesn't have to be anything complicated -- "here's how to glue a photo of CPine's head to a piece of paper" would do! ;) PM me, email me at my username at gmail, or send me a link to a tutorial in your own journal.

Also, recaps are going to every-other-week permanently as production is down a bit lately -- the post will still go up every week, but I'll only recap every two weeks.  You can, of course, always peruse past weeks' creativity by using the !wednesday: bake it so/make it sew tag.

Post your wonderful culinary/crafty creations in the comments and have fun! :)

Chris doing a play in L.A. this summer

Chris Pine to star in 'The Lieutenant of Inishmore' at the Mark Taper Forum

Chris Pine, who's been a hot commodity since he starred as the young Capt. James T. Kirk in the movie "Star Trek" last year, will play Padraic the overzealous terrorist in Martin McDonagh's "The Lieutenant of Inishmore" at the Mark Taper Forum.

The show, which will run July 11 to Aug. 8, will be directed by Wilson Milam, who received a Tony Award nomination for his staging of the 2006 Broadway production.

Joining Pine in the cast will be Ian Alda, Andrew Connolly, Coby Getzug, Sean G. Griffin, Kevin Kearns, Zoe Perry and Brett Ryback.

"Inishmore" follows the adventures of Padraic as he returns home to an island in County Galway to care for his ailing cat. Once he discovers his pet has been murdered, mayhem ensues.

The play -- one among a series of darkly comic Galway tales by McDonagh -- was given its world premiere by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2001 and won an Olivier Award for best comedy in London a year later. It opened in 2006 at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York before moving to Broadway.

Besides playing a cocky young Kirk in "Star Trek," Pine's other screen credits include "Bottle Shock," "Smokin' Aces" and the upcoming Tony Scott film "Unstoppable."

Onstage, Pine won acclaim as the eager young press secretary in Beau Willimon's political drama, "Farragut North," at the Geffen Playhouse last year. He also appeared at the Geffen in Neil LaBute's "Fat Pig" in 2007 and performed in the one-man drama "The Atheist" in New York in 2006.

-- Karen Wada