May 20th, 2010

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The Trouble With Tribbles Radio Play -- tonight!

My boyfriend niztap27 is a theater major, and for his senior project he's been running a great series of radio plays called Dr. Jonathan L. Wendt Esq. Presents! Thursday, May 20 (today!) is the series finale, and we will be performing none other than


I was brought on board for this project as a supplemental actor and Star Trek Consultant. =P Jonathan and I have worked together to adapt the television script for radio, and along with the technical director, have prepared sound effects and music (much of which was obtained from this very community, so thanks!). We've got a great cast of voice actors to bring these characters to life over the airwaves. I will be playing the Klingons, Koloth and Korax, and Jonathan will be Cyrano Jones himself!

But you don't have to be near a radio to listen in -- all you have to do is have internet access! You can listen through the radio station's webstream, accessible by clicking here. The site offers a couple of ways to listen, but in my experience the best way is to use the iTunes link -- just click to download the .pls file and open it in iTunes.

The broadcast will be today, Thursday, May 20 at 10 PM EST, I hope some of you can listen in! If you can't listen at that time, a recording will be created, and I can post that here too if there's interest. ♥

ETA: To convert the time of broadcast to your timezone, you can use this site. Select the date and time, and put "USA - New York" as the first location. Then select your location, and voila! :)

A challenge: everything old is new again...

Now that it's been about a year since ST:XI came out, we've all had time to get used to the new cast.  For some of us, ST:XI may have been our first experience with the franchise, while others grew up with TNG, DS9, Voyager or maybe even TOS (hi, mom! ^_^). No matter what brought us here, one thing's for sure - this is a crazy awesome comm like no other!!!

So, I propose a challenge (and mods, please accept my apologies if this is not kosher): a Star Trek video contest! With all the talent that's been seen on these pages over the past year or so, I bet there are some killer video editors out there.

A few suggested guidelines...

- Videos should be 1:30 to 5:00 in length.
- Clips can be from any of the Star Trek TV series or movies, music is optional and your choice.
- Tributes and shippers, general cast appreciation vids, or anything else you can come up with...the sky (stars) is the limit!
- The video doesn't have to be new - just your original work.
- All videos should be posted as a reply to this post by Tuesday, June 1.

As for the results...

Why not let everyone decide?  A poll can be posted so everyone has a vote...and you can choose your favorites!

There's nothing like a little friendly show us all what you're made of (read: awesome) and let's get started! ^_^

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Confirmed: Shatner on TV This Fall! Tribbles for Everyone!!!

With the cancellations of two TV shows starring GQMFs (do I even need to say their names? No, because you guys are too good) a horrible vacuum of sadness has been left in the TVsphere. Luckily nature (and CBS) abhors said vacuum, because swooping in to fill that void on our TV screens this fall will be none other than the SHATMAN himself.

Yes bbs, Bleep My Dad Says has been picked up!

Are you planning to watch the show? Do you think it looks ridiculous? Are you planning to watch FOR or IN SPITE OF the ridiculousness? Do you like the bleeped-out title? And do you think the show will be funny despite the fact they can't use the actual swear-laden lines that made the account such a hit in the first place?

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Dragon Age - pavelyan ending

Alzheimer's Fundraising for Kate Mulgrew!


I hope this isn't too soon after another charity post, but I want to get the word out to as many places as possible! I mentioned this on another post but it might have got lost in the comments.

ANYWAY! For the last few weeks, some of us have been attempting to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society, in honour of fierce HBIC Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway), who's a spokesperson for Alzheimer's.

It was Kate's birthday a few weeks ago, which is when all this kicked off, and we have a week left to collect donations. Kate will be at Collectormania in England next week, and we intend to present her with the total raised then! Hooray! \o/

Also, if you leave a donation, you can leave a message for Kate on the webpage which will be printed off and given to her next week.

So, if you can spare any pennies, please donate HERE! Voyager fans, YOUR CAPTAIN NEEDS YOU!