May 23rd, 2010

Wrapped up Bruce

'Batman: Under The Hood' Cast Revealed, Bruce Greenwood And Neil Patrick Harris To Star

forgive me for the rather blunt and horrible post but this is my first one ever done by myself, so i dont know all the sparkly tricks. a friend of mine brought up this link today, and though it is not live action my undying love/lust for Bruce Greenwood says for the BBs of the world they should know his newest venture.

also for the beloved NPH -yo <3
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Microsoft is surprisingly relevant to our interests

This is almost painful for me to write due to its associations with Microsoft but they have actually done something cool and installed a Star Trek sculpture in their lobby.

Gizmodo have an article on the scuplture that is relevant to our interests, representing the crew of the Enterprise mid transport through beads. The images used are from TOS ep Mirror, Mirror which I believe may be a popular ep in this comm?

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