May 27th, 2010

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When ayaneva posted our plea for help last week, we were in dire straits. We needed to raise $3600 in less than a week to save our home, and I didn't think there was any way to possibly do it. When the donations started rolling in, I was in absolute shock. Not only did we make our goal, we successfully raised...

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Not only did you save our house, you gave us enough to pay our mounting bills and start working on our debt. It has been a fresh start for my husband and I, and for the first time since he got sick two years ago, I'm really optimistic about our future. I can't even count how many times I've cried over this weekend, both from the outpouring of generousity, but the messages of love and prayers. This has literally changed my entire life, and I can't say that enough. I couldn't do this without all of you, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you so very, very much.

But I'm not the only one who wants to say thank you...

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An Evening w/Leonard Nimoy!!

My boss, of all people, sent me a link to this event. (BTW, I love that people are really starting to understand my obsession! XD )

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An Evening with Leonard Nimoy
Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 8pm

Join us for an intimate evening of insight into one of film and television’s greatest icons. Called ‘the conscience of Star Trek,’ by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry—the award-winning actor, director, poet and photographer Leonard Nimoy shares his portrayal of the rational and emotionally suppressed Vulcan as part of a remarkable and diverse career that’s left an indelible imprint on American culture!

I'M THERE! This sounds amazing! It's at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center in Long Beach, CA. Looks like the tickets are $60 or $55 if you order before August 2nd. Tickets go on sale June 1st.

I'm sure some of us GQMF's from ontd_st_la will plan to go and meet up and if we get a group of over 12, the tickets are only $50.

ETA: Upon further inspection of the email my boss sent, I discovered I could actually buy the tickets now. Click this <<- Near the top you can click Season and it'll allow you to purchase your tickets now by entering the promotion code 1011NOW. If you're planning to go, buy your tickets now because half the seats were already taken when I got mine. XD
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Shirtless Kirk Cologne

Yes... this is somehow, somehow, real. And I figure, relevant to our interests. From Entertainment Earth, you, too, can pre-order this cologne for $29.99.

Features (from the description):
* Make yourself as irresistable as the legendary starship captain!
* Men's cologne inspired by the one and only Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek.
* Set phasers for stunning!

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and a successful mission is a thin piece of cloth. And whether in battle or love, you know the shirt is simply...optional. Some say it's the Uniform - made to command respect, strength and honor; but it's your flesh and blood barely contained within that svelte Officer's Attire that make you exactly who and what you are. And you know it. Shirtless Kirk. Save the Day...Save the Night. 100ml Eau de Toilette Vaporisateur Spray. Order yours today!

I can only say: Wow.

Edit: It's apparently cheaper at urban collector.