June 1st, 2010

  • reezoo

Zoe Loves Her Jeans, is BAMF

So Yahoo's OMG is the most inane place for celebrity news, guh, but I will forgive them for once because they had a vid of Zoe being adorable! (As always, of course.) I think I'm in love with her eye roll.
Forgive me if this has been posted before!

From the video: "If anything I like to wear jeans or pants in the spring when every girl on the planet is wearing flowery skirts. . . I just can't do it." (laughs) A girl after my own heart!
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Liam Plays Star Trek Again

I know a lot of people on here liked the first set, so I figured I'd post some more. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, my four year old son has all the little Star Trek figures, and he plays with them. And being a four year old with an odd imagination, he gets them to say very odd things. The first post of them are here.

The first set are from a couple months ago, I never got around to putting them up.

Nero: Scotty, I'm gonna throw you in the garbage can!
Scotty: Nero, you're a poop!

Sulu: I need to wash my hair, it's filthy.

Scotty: I have a red shirt on me, that's because my name is Scotty!

McCoy: I want to play on the roof, I need my bicycle.

Chekov: I'm making a fire, I want to eat this garbage for dinner.
Spock: I want to eat the can.

Spock: I'm invisible! I think I'm a ghost!

Spock: I'm just going to ride Scotty to work today.

Kirk: Watch out! I have a stick!

This afternoon, he was playing on the bed next to me and actually played out a continuous scene. Unfortunately, I can't remember them all, but I jotted down some of my favourites.

Kirk: Hey, I got an idea, let's beam down to the park! I want to play on the swings!

Chekov: Can I come too?
McCoy: No, you're not allowed to come, you're not a real person.

Spock: I'm tired of you people, I'm going to go be a fireman. (Liam then stuck him in a fire truck)

Sulu: I fell off the swing and I broke all my bones.
Scotty: Are you okay?
Sulu: Yeah, but I need ice cream.
Scotty: Well I ate it. You should be more careful next time.

McCoy: There's sand in my hair and eyebrows.

Sulu: Ohhh, I keep breaking things inside of me!

McCoy: Everyone, look at my feet!

Kirk: Sulu, you have to go home because you were bad on the swings. Everyone else has to go home too, you were all bad. I need to go to Tim Hortons, I need coffee for my headache.