June 3rd, 2010

Kill you; ZQ

Star Fleet Toys by RocketWorld

I don't know if anyone else is interested in designer toys, but Rocketworld have finally posted pictures of their SDCC exclusive and it looks relevant to our interests!

With "Captain Titus" revealed not too long ago, Rocket World today unleashes in full Titus alongside "Lt. Commander Hannibal" (above-left) and "Commander Affonso" (above-right)! An officially licensed project from CBS/Paramount Studios, the IWG have joined Star Fleet with this being a San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) exclusive, limited to 300 pcs each figure, serialized edition.

Each figure stands 7.5 inches tall and retails for US$50 each. Special SDCC Price of $100 when all three figures are bought as a set at Comic Con.

STAR FLEET IWG figures include detailed and accurately reproduced accessories from the classic Star Trek (The Original Series) with Phaser, Tricorder, Communicator, and a furry Tribble each.

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Source @ ToysREvil

I don't suppose anyone thats going to SDCC would be willing to pick me up a set? Woe me being on the other side of the pond :(

ZQ in Angels in America!

This September, ZQ will be gracing New York's stage in a production of Angels in America as Louis Ironson in the Tony Award-winning play! I don't know about you, but I am psyched and will be snapping up a ticket as soon as humanly possible.

Source is the NY Times so it's legit

Image and video hosting by TinyPic ZQ in a GQ purple sweater thanks you for your time.

ETA: It seems I completely misread the little character bio thingy on Sparknotes (I'm not familiar with the play) and completely screwed up who Louis Ironson is. I apologize for that and for not editing that until now.