June 13th, 2010

doctor doctor

I hear Paris is lovely this time of year.

Remember that Garrett Wang picspam I did a while ago? And how I promised to do more Voyager spams? I have not forgotten! In this next installment of the Voyager Picspam Series, I bring you the picspam of...

Robert Duncan McNeill!

Better known by us GQMF's as Thomas Eugene Paris, Voyager's observer/Lieutenant/Ensign/Lieutenant and pilot extraordinaire, McNeill is one of only 3 actors to wear all 3 different Star Trek uniform colors. He hasn't done much acting lately in order to pursue a career in directing. Most recently, he is directing "Chuck," though he has done a ton of other things, including several episodes of both Star Trek Voyager and Enterprise.

Edit: larawander5 pointed out that RDM also played Nicholas Locarno (who was apparently the inspiration for the Tom Paris character) in an episode of TNG.

Edit again: Some more young!RDM pretty here

And now, without further ado....

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