June 16th, 2010


Happy Captain Picard Day!

Happy Captain Picard Day everybody!

"Held annually on June 16th, Captain Picard day highlights the fine attributes of this deeply moral, highly intuitive and intellectual man. Although born July 13, 2305, we still celebrate National Picard Day in June, 295 years ahead of schedule."

http://picardday.wordpress.com/ is celebrating Picard Day all week, posting up tributes that people have made in Captain Picards honour. There's still time to submit if anyone is planning on spending the day making Picard themed arts and crafts like I am! After all, he is a role model!

The Choverlord Commands You To Party

Hey, GQMFS, I don't know if you're aware, but today is our favorite helmsman's 38th birthday. Or 25th. Hell, it's probably his 900th because he's an Elf or a Time Lord or something because he doesn't age. In honor of our Choverlord's birthday, I give you a wondrous picspam of this beautiful GQMF. Word.


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Star Trek Without Pity (Enterprise and TOS Heavy)

I don't know how many ONTDers are like me and read recaps of their fave shows from Television Without Pity (TWoP), but since both have similar attributes (obsessed fans, snark, smart and funny ppl) there's bound to be some crossover, right?

Anyway, it turns out they have all of Enterprise recapped in their archives, for anyone who is interested! Their recaps are pretty intense; they quote huge passages of dialogue word for word, so if you want to find a certain line from the show but don't have the time to watch a whole ep, often the recaps are the way to go. (They can also get into major snark mode about mischaracterization, continuity problems, and plot holes, if that is up your alley.)


If you want to start with the pilot go here: http://www.televisionwithoutpity.com/show/enterprise/broken_bow.php

Keckler's (the recapper assigned to do Enterprise) summary of the series:
"It was a long road. Getting from premiere to cancellation. It was an uneven road, but it's time for some celebration. Some say this newest star in the Star Trek crown was pulled three years too late. Some say it was three years too early. Some say Bakula went in for an emergency furrowectomy straight from the wrap party. But I don't believe them. It's not that Star Trek is dead, you know—it just went to live in the country where it can chase lots of rabbits and squirrels. Go find yourself some Deep Space Nine and remember when Star Trek was truly great."

And guess what? She was kind enough to also recap most of the Trek movies, a bunch of TOS episodes, and a handful of eps from other Trek series!
Her hard work is our gain!

She also did a post where she critiqued a few recipes from "The Star Trek Cookbook" if you are interested (I put that in the "Extras" section of my post.) I think I really want to eat her reworking of the Plomeek Soup recipe like NOW, yum.

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Bake it So/Make it Sew

Over the last two weeks, our intrepid crewmembers have boldly crafted and cooked where no one has crafted and cooked before!  Er, or something. :)
Whew... what an amazing two weeks!  Will the next two be even better? Find out in the comments!

(and see the bottom of this post for instructions on sending in tutorials... you can share your genius with the rest of the ontd_startrek  crew in more than one way! :))

Round Two of Voting in the Star Trek Video Contest!!!

It's been ten days since round one opened...so let's move on!

The top three vids in each category are in the poll under the cut...unless there was a tie for first, second or third place...in which case there are four.

But now...you get to pick the winners for each category!

As always, you can see the the vids from the original contest here.

Captain!Fine urges you to keep voting...

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