June 18th, 2010


A bit of silliness for your Friday (party post!)

So... I've got soccer football on the mind lately, with the World Cup (U-S-A!  U-S-A!  Er... sorry about that) and all.  Therefore, ontd_startrek  , I present you with this all-important question:


Poll #1580316 David Beckham: Vulcan?

Is David Beckham really a Vulcan?

Shit yeah! Just look at that eyebrow!
Hell no! That bitch is way too emotional.
In celebration of the fact that for the next three weeks gorgeous men will be taking their shirts off on television with regularity (seriously, even if you don't care about soccer football it's worth watching the games just for the post-game jersey swaps, it's FUCKING LOGICAL), and for no damn reason other than things have been a bit slow around here lately, let's have a CHILL PARTY POST!!

Some random thoughts in random order for your consideration...
  • What sort of quadrant-wide sporting matches would occur in the Star Trek universe?  You know there'd have to be some.
  • Do the diagonal stripes on the USA's kit remind anyone else of Miss America/USA/World/etc. sashes?
  • Try to limit pics/gifs to 3 per comment so that folks with slower connections can still party!
  • Someone PLEASE use the image of Picard playing the flute to make me a Picard-blowing-a-vuvuzela macro :D
  • Let's not make it a total race to 10,000 so that people can still join in on the fun a little later (since it's a surprise). 
  • ST crewmembers as football players: who plays what position?  What's your starting XI?
As always, PARTY HARD! :)