June 23rd, 2010

To Boldly Go...
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GQMF's at Trek Fest!

Hey all!  Incoming subspace transmission from the kcmo_gqmf  group, affectionately known as the USS Macchiato.  We're going to be at TREK FEST this weekend, and we'd like to know who else is coming!  I know Trek Fest has been mentioned on the Monday Meetup posts, but with the event TWO DAYS AWAY, I'm hoping the mods will allow me to try a last-minute meetup shout-out to see how many GQMF's it takes to terrorize bring some excitement to a small town in Iowa.  :D

I've been looking at the official Trek Fest schedule as it's been updated, and I think I've pinned down a good time/place to meet up that would be efficient and wouldn't cause us to miss too much of the fun.

Immediately following the Q&A session  on Saturday with BAMF Walter Koenig, along with"Mirror-Mirror" actress BarBara Luna and James Cawley (whose jaw-dropping fan activities put any other Trekkie to shame), I propose that any interested ONTD_ST lovelies meet up in the main hotel lobby of the Riverside Hotel and Casino.  It's a central location so you should be able to find it, it's where the Q&A session will be held, it's air-conditioned (!), and it'll be easy to find people once they get there.

After making First Contact with your fellow ONTD Trekkies, I propose that we all find a local lunch spot, either in the hotel/casino itself, or we can troll for local suggestions (Kirk-burgers, anyone?) and hit the town as a group.

Once we've feasted like a crew of victorious Klingons, we can either split up again and go our separate ways, or maybe we could go to the Red Barn where they're going to be screening Star Trek episodes until 5:00 PM.  Another option would be to check out the stragglers at the Swap Meet.  Or maybe we can try to find Walter himself and shower him with appreciative affection, ONTD_ST style.  :D

So, if you're going to be at Trek Fest, and you're interested in meeting up with any of us, POST A COMMENT!  Then PM me for details, including my contact information so that you can find me and the rest of the Macchiato crew amongst the masses of Trek fans swarming the town.  We've already got a couple of people who are not Macchiato crew members who are planning to meet up with us at some point, but I'd like to really get a lot of folks together.

(MODS:  I've been looking for a post like this but I haven't seen one.  If I'm missing something, please gently smack me upside the head for being oblivious.)

So... anyone in?

See you at Trek Fest!
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