June 27th, 2010

Leonard Nimoy
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I like to think they had at least as much fun making it as I do watching it...

Because I obsessively save every picture I like for fear I'll never see it again, and because I am bored, I bring you a Collapse )
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Anton Yelchin A Spider-man Screen Test Finalist!

BB!Anton is in the running to play the next Spidey! I'd think it be a great idea. I also loved how coveted the STXI cast is now. It means we can see them all the time now.

From www.trekmovie.com -

"Ever since Sony announced they were rebooting their Spider-man franchise earlier this year, there have been rumors and suggestions about many young actors taking over the role of Spidey, including Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin. Now a new report says that Yelchin has done a screen test and is one of the finalists for the role."


From Chekov to Peter Parker?

Read the rest at the source
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Sunday Screening!


Here is the weekly post for the community to rewatch The Original Series of Star Trek and discuss it in the comments. This week's episode is...

The Deadly Years!

Feel free to watch the episode today, or if you have already watched it, discuss it with other community members. If you're not sure what to write, but want to comment, perhaps consider questions such as:

What was your favourite part of the episode? Why?
What was your least favourite part? Why?
Who was your favourite character in the episode? Why?
Who was your least favourite character in the episode? Why?
What issues did you find interesting? Why?
What did you find completely ridiculous/worthy of lulz? Why?

As we are following Memory Alpha's episode order, next Sunday we'd be due to watch Mirror Mirror, but as we watched that during mirrorverse take-over week, we'll be watching The Deadly Years.

As a reminder, all three series are available to download in this community.


Have fun! ♥