July 3rd, 2010

How one of the first Star Trek novels was written


Vonda McIntyre wrote one of the first and most beloved Star Trek novels, The Entropy Effect. Here she tells the story of how she got the gig, and how the Star Trek book series started.

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This is so far my favourite Trek book! Its really well written and slashy. EHEHEH:AKSLHFLAKHSFLEJHEHEHEHEHEHEH

The scene with Bones always brings me close to tears. ;;___;; </333

[source: http://io9.com/5574037/how-the-first-star-trek-novel-was-written]

EDIT: added the article under the cut, REALISED ITS HUGE. >.>

Nichelle Nichols News

Nichelle NicholsThose of you on Twitter may know that Nichelle Nichols recently joined (@RealNichelle). Her latest tweet had some good news for her fans:

Thanx for the many Welcomes. Now prepping to update uhura.com. Will keep you posted on progress on that front. Really busy. Luv, NN : )

Finally! That's site was last updated in '04! Looking forward to seeing what the First Lady of Star Trek's got in the works :-)

What's your favourite Star Trek novel?

*agrees that this comm has been far to slow lately* "Might I suggest a party post Mods?"

Anyway where was I? Oh yes, what is your favourite Star Trek Novel? Doesn't matter whether it is TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager or Enterprise.

Personally my No. 1 would have to be the TOS/DS9 crossover "Trials and Tribble-ations" novelisation. Sisko and Dax throwing tribbles at Kirk's head has me ROFLMAO everytime.

Please be nice to eachother. I'm still scarred from some of thet comments in my last post here