July 10th, 2010

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Announcement: a social gathering in a tropical clime

It's high time we've had a planned party post, so with mod approval to buoy me (yes, you will be getting a shit ton of bad puns like this for the rest of the week), I would like to announce that this Friday we will be having a GQ SUMMER LUAU.

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That's right, a motherfucking summer beach party! 

Crack out the beach gear, hop on board a boat, and don those stunna shades because it's time to party in the sand and surf! Beach-related gifs, macros, and manips are optional, but totally encouraged. I hope all your browsers had a nice vacation because there's no gif limit and they won't know whether to cry from stress or to orgasm from the sheer amount of awesome that will fill their caches.

EST: 1pm

Be there or be...well, somewhere else that's lamer.

Looking for a macro that was an hysterical synopsis of ST XI

Mods, if this is verboten just let me know and I will delete ASAP (btw, I did check the rules but saw nothing about requests). I know that I saw it here but even after going through the Macro tags, I can't find it. :(

I am looking for a macro that was basically a very brief summary of the movie. It had a lot of repeated lines (and I think the same pics were used over and over). What I remember most was a pic of Nero talking about wanting revenge, but not really understanding the concept, and pics of Kirk with the caption along the lines of "Kirk gets beaten up." I think it may have had slash undertones for Kirk and Spock.

Thanks for any assistance and sorry if this bugs anyone!
To Boldly Go...
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There are just some things in the universe that are supposed to go together, right?  Peas and carrots.  Bones and bourbon.  Ice cream and hot fudge.  Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.  Ice cream, hot fudge, Chris Pine, and Zachary Quinto.  (Hey, where am I going, and why am I in this handbasket???)

And finally... James T. Kirk and Riverside, Iowa. 

It needs to be done, methinks.  It's just something that would make the universe a bit more "right."

Some of you might be familiar with the backstory behind "Invasion Iowa", with William Shatner hanging out around Riverside whilst filming a "mock movie," and the bit of fandom history and lore that says the Shat promised to return to Riverside for Trek Fest.  Well, Mr. Shatner DID promise the good folks of Riverside that he'd attend Trek Fest.  This was over five years ago.  He allegedly promised to attend Trek Fest XXV, which was last year.  The folks who run Trek Fest have been trying to get him to come, but he has yet to return to Riverside, and that just doesn't seem right.

Anyway, I've been talking with one of the guys on the Riverside Community Council... you know, that quiet, small-town activities committee that also happens to run Trek Fest.  We're launching a letter-writing campaign.  Oh yes, we are.  And... er... I think I kinda started it.  They asked me to cross-post the request to the fan communities I'm in.  Naturally, my first thought was, "Who are the most enthusiastic, active, determined, badass fans I know?"  And, of course, my mind went straight to this community.

We need letters.  HAND-WRITTEN or PRINTED-And-SIGNED letters to William Shatner, asking him, begging him, reasoning with him, and cajoling him to attend Trek Fest next year.  Do you have a unique angle on why you believe he MUST BE THERE?  Put it in writing.  Do you have some philosophical musing about Captain Kirk that would make The Shat's Hollywood-hardened heart start to melt?  Spell it out.  Do you just need to tell him that it would make the universe right if the man would just go back to Riverside, birthplace of James T. Kirk, and bring everything full circle?  Good God, man - write the damned letter! 

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If this works... and if Shatner does come to Trek Fest... because I'm involved with this now, I might get a real chance to talk to the guy.  Might be able to bring a list of questions from this community.  I think the folks who run Trek Fest have reasoned that if I managed to talk one-on-one with Walter Koenig for the better part of an hour without scaring him off, I must not be Insane Fan (TM), and would probably be safe to expose to The Shat, too.  (Playin' it cool, FTW!)

But first step first... we've gotta get the guy to come!  (ACK!  Mind out of the gutter, you!)