July 13th, 2010

Omegle Party Post

On the heels of the planned party post for Friday night, I propose we follow up this epic weekend with an OMEGLE PARTY POST :D

It's been a few months since we had one, and we usually get a better turn out on the weekends! 

I propose this be on July 17th, 2010.  As I'm unsure of timezones, I'll let you guys has it out in the comments :D

Whatcha think? Anyone up for one?
  • emcami

Vulcan Salutes on Ellen

So a few months back I was watching The Ellen DeGeneres show and I noticed something rather interesting in the background of one of her competition-type segments. I was recently browsing through my PVR and found that I had actually saved this episode, so I took a very, very crappy video of it to share with all of you!

I think this episode was on October 18, 2009. Yeah, it really did take me this long to get around to posting it. Did anyone else notice this? And I want to bloody know what the sign says!

...and, um, I appologize if this is a crappy excuse for a post...it is my first time posting.