July 18th, 2010

  • zannid

Suit Up! (Oh Yeah!)

Did someone ask for authentic replicas of the TOS and STXI uniforms? Yes? WELL HERE THEY ARE.


The freakishly spiffy company Anovos has decided to make these GQMF outfits. Seeing as they XI uniform is supposed to be made the same way as in the movie, I'm assuming they'll have the delta insignia embedded in the fabric. There are no prices yet but you can check them out here and here. They will also have the pants for individual sale (couldn't crop ZQ and WS faces just to show some pants).

I'm sure I'm not the only one planning to run around in these shouting "I'm a Starfleet officer!" but there is one thing that upsets me... WHERE ARE THE GIRL UNIFORMS? I mean, I'm not surprised they didn't make the sexy academy uniform (way too costly with the detail) but no female officer uniforms? How ridiculous.

I think this needs to be addressed to the company as obviously they are blithely unaware of how many epic chicks are out there that want that uniform. I say we bombard them with send them nice e-mails letting them know of our wishes. Feel free to contact them at: email@anovos.com