July 25th, 2010

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Karl to be Judge Dredd!

After watching the great vids linked by supasass  I hunted for more Comic Con Karl and found this tidbit straight from Karl's glorious mouth...mmm...mouth.

(ugh that new spelling) also confirms:

Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone has been replaced by New Zealand's Karl Urban in the upcoming Judge Dredd sequel.

The comic book anti-hero is to return for a sequel 13 years after Stallone's original 1995 movie, with a script written by
novelist/screenwriter Alex Garland, reports exoress.co.uk.

Stallone won't feature in the new 3D film and the role of the Judge will be offered to Star Trek actor Urban instead.

The film is due for release in late 2011, or early 2012.

We just know it will be a million times better than the awful Stallone version. For those not familiar with the comic, check out its Wiki. That 2011/2012 release doesn't seem possible when Karl himself states it's in the "early stages."

I'm dancing in my seat as I type. Now, if someone would just post some walking pics of him rocking that outfit he wore at ComicCon, my day will be complete.
five oh


I am so glad that hair is gone.

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Now that I've got your attention, could you maybe spare a moment and go leave a comment HERE with only "I SUPPORT TEAM TREK"? It's one of our last challenges, and it's one we really want to win. (I'll remove from the post if not allowed, we just want to win! Purely for the glory.)
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George Takei Q&A 7/24/10

George tells a really lovely story about John Cho (Part 3) and JOHN CHO AND CHRIS PINE ARE FEUDING!!! (Part 4) It's hysterical and if you believe it I would really like to talk to you about a bridge I am selling!

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