July 29th, 2010

Is that what you do at 30?

New chris pine interview - "I don't think I'd look good in a spandex outfit, to be quite honest with you, so, um, I think Superman is definitely out," he told "Extra's" Lauren Sanchez.
Pine, 29, is turning the big 3-0 next month, and this bachelor is perfectly happy being single. "There's something about... the feeling that I can pick up at anytime and leave, leave no trace kind of a thing," he said. He's also content living in his apartment with the same couch he's had for nine years.
Chris didn't always have the desire to be an actor, and was more drawn to sports while growing up. "I played basketball and baseball. I was no good by any stretch."
It wasn't until college that Pine used theater as a way to make friends. "It satisfied everything I enjoyed about using your mind and being in front of people and the charge of that... it was just a good fit for me. Ironically enough, I had been around it all my life."
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Geeking Out With Karl Heinz Urban At Comic Con

Okay, so, I was fortunate enough to work the press line for "Priest" during Comic Con, and was able to snag a few minutes of Karl's time to talk with him about Priest, Red, and New Zealand film. (I didn't ask him about the Dredd rumors because I didn't hear about it until much later that day, which is sort of a bummer, because I'm a huge Dredd fan, and that would have been a funny conversation. *g*)

Anyway, here are the video interviews I did with Karl, Maggie Q, and Cam Gigandet. Enjoy.

Try not to laugh too much about how geeky Karl & I both are about comics. *facepalm*



Thursday Graphics Post with bonus poll!

This is the monthly weekly post where members can post their ST-related graphics!  Wallpapers, icons, colorbars... whatever you've got, post 'em here!

Also, activity is dying down on some of the weekly posts, so I thought I'd poll on perhaps combining them into a general "ONTD_ST members are super creative in all these ways" post and/or adding some other weekly posts to spice things up:

Should we combine weekly posts?

Yes, let's combine the Baking/Sewing, Graphics, and Fanfic/art/etc into one "ONTD_ST members make awesome stuff" post!
No, I like them all separate, even if some weeks they don't get many comments
I think we should combine them in another way, which I will tell you about in the comments
I have another idea entirely about how to handle them, which I will tell you about in the comments

What other weekly posts should we add?

Character appreciation (one per week, ie Sulu this week, Janeway next week, etc)
Actor appreciation (same concept as above)
Charity/donations/good-works (ST-related or not)
GQMF Twitter weekly roundup
Something else, which I will suggest in the comments

Back-to-school-time Starfleet Academy theme week Y/Y/MFY?

that's dumb and you should feel bad for thinking of it, starlady42
So... yeah!  Post graphics, vote in the poll, or, you know, pick lint from between your toes.  Whatever. :)  Have fun!