August 5th, 2010


      So after updating my trusty ipod touch I was browsing through the app store when I stumbled across this app. New from Paramount, I give you The Star Trek Captain's Log. An app that allows users to create a post logs around the world; Giving others the ability to view and listen to text, pictures, and sound that you input onto your device. The app allows logs to be tagged with an insignia depicting Captain, Engineering, Medical, etc. There's even a Romulan and Vulcan insignia. You can view logs/posts via an in app map. The app comes stocked full of sounds, videos, graphics, and pictures pulled from reboot. 

There's only a few posts out now so I think all of you GQMF should get this awesome app for its intro price of $ .99. Mission: flood the app with GQMF logs. 

Here's some text from the Paramount site, an email they sent me confirming my username, and a few pics. 

"The future begins now with the official Star Trek™ Captain’s Log application. Open your Star Trek communicator to begin logging voice recordings, pictures, and GPS mapping locations of your voyages. Choose to share your logs with friends and social networks or keep a log private.

As a member of the Starfleet Command, your mission is to explore, seek out new life and civilizations and boldly go where no one has gone before."

The email:

Greetings, and welcome to Starfleet Command. As a member of the
United Federation of Planets, provided below are your login details
for your Captain's Log:


Please keep these on hand for future use.

As a newly appointed captain, we expect you to explore new worlds and
report in regularly with your discoveries.

Live long and prosper,

United Starfleet Command Headquarters

And Paramounts Url:

Live long and post some logs my fellow GQMF's!

Thursday Graphics Post!

This is the weekly post where members can post their awesome graphical creations!  Icons, wallpapers, macros -- post 'em if you got 'em! :)

In last-week's-poll news, as I'm sure you've noticed, we're going ahead with Starfleet Academy Week despite the 6 people who thought I was dumb for thinking of it ;)  A majority of folks wanted to combine the weekly posts, but there was also strong support (40%) for keeping them separate -- especially from folks who post in those posts every week -- so we're going to ponder a bit more about the best way to handle them.  Once that's settled, we'll add character appreciation and the Twitter roundup posts to the weekly lineup. :)

Have fun!