August 8th, 2010

team punch it

holy shizz, it's a ~*~mod post~*~

A few items of note:

1) Life has conspired to throw shit at no fewer than three members of your friendly neighborhood mod team this week, so please bear with us if posts take a little longer than usual to get approved.  Everything should be back to normal next week (or as normal as this place ever is :)).  In the meantime, we'd all appreciate whatever good vibes y'all can send our way. :)

2) Weekly post changes! We're going to roll the Thursday graphics stuff into the Friday post and bump both Bake it So/Make it Sew and Toy Story to every other Wednesday (this week's will be Toy Story).  That frees up two days so that we can add Character Appreciation and Twitter Roundup posts.  (The Twitter post may not happen this week due to the aforementioned life interference, but if none of us can get to it this Thursday, it'll start next week.)  The rest of the schedule remains unchanged -- here's how the week will shape up:
  • sunday: tos screening
  • monday: meetup planning/recaps
  • tuesday: character appreciation*
  • wednesday: toy story alternating with bake it so/make it sew
  • thursday: twitter roundup
  • friday: graphics/fanart/fic/vids
  • saturday: questions-and-answers
* we'll begin this week with the one, the only, Captain James Tiberius Kirk -- get your macros, picspams, questions, crazy theories, etc. ready!


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Starfleet Academy orientation is in two weeks!  Check out some of the course offerings being planned in this post, or speak up to add your own!  It looks like there'll be all sorts of extracurricular activities offered as well, and I'm sure those crazy kids will get up to some sort of shenanigans.  Just don't hack the Kobayashi Maru test or you might find yourself hauled up in front of the Academy Council (aka mod squad)... :)