August 9th, 2010

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The Sunday Screening!


Here is the weekly post for the community to rewatch The Original Series of Star Trek and discuss it in the comments. This week's episode is... 


The Gamesters of Triskelion

Feel free to watch the episode today, or if you have already watched it, discuss it with other community members. If you're not sure what to write, but want to comment, perhaps consider questions such as:

What was your favourite part of the episode? Why?
What was your least favourite part? Why?
Who was your favourite character in the episode? Why?
Who was your least favourite character in the episode? Why?
What issues did you find interesting? Why?
What did you find completely ridiculous/worthy of lulz? Why?

As we are following Memory Alpha's episode order, next Sunday we'll be watching Obsession.

As a reminder, all three series are available to download in this community.


Have fun! ♥

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This is the weekly post where members can plan meetups for movies, conventions, and misc events.

Just specify the city/country you're in and link to a post in your personal journal where your neighbors can plan the meetup with you. or else check out the list of communities dedicated to these meet-ups  Collapse )

For upcoming Star Trek related conventions check here.


For those of you who were able to document your meetups, please post your pics and recaps here, or better yet link to a post in your own LJ so that the comment pages here don't break the internet.

Last week, the USS Machiato had dinner and karaoke. T'was epic.

Even if you didn't take any pictures, please feel free to recount the awesomeness of meeting with other GQMF's, any funny conversations or accidental meeting of other Star Trek geeks fans. lol

Do it!


ontd_startrek channel on synchtube

So, I discovered via another comm that there's this thing called "synchtube" which allows you to make playlists of youtube videos and "broadcast" them like a TV station.  Needless to say, I immediately nerded out and made an ontd_startrek  channel :D  The fun thing about it is that it's tied to a chat room app, so you can chat with other nerds while you're all watching the same thing at the same time.  Details under the cut!

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