August 19th, 2010


Thursday Twitter Roundup!

Soo... I have no idea what these posts should look like, but a lot of people wanted them so here we go!  I definitely don't have time to read all the GQMFs' twitter feeds every week, so the "roundup" part will have to happen in comments.  ;)

Suggestion: In the Subject line of your comment, put the person's/people's name you're summarizing so that other members can easily find them and discuss the week's shenanigans.  Maybe summarize in text and include screenshots for really awesome tweets?   I dunno... I imagine you intelligent folks will figure out some sort of format that makes sense. :)

We should probably also start a list of all GQMF (actors/writers/directors/etc) twitter accounts so that people interested in following them can collect the whole set.  If someone wants to start a list in comments, I'll include it in subsequent weeks' posts.

If someone also wants to start a twitter following meme in comments, this post would be a great place for that... let's try to keep it all in one comment thread if possible?

Have fun! :D

edit: ok, based on the two comments that have been posted so far, I already love these posts ♥