August 28th, 2010

academy week

Question and Answer Post!

Thank you for coming to our open Q&A session.  We recognize that your studies here at the Academy may have raised more questions than they answered -- please post them here and your classmates will help you out!

All questions are worth asking :) Lurkers, I'm looking at you!

Any and all questions are fair game, as is speculation. What ship was Gaila assigned to? Was it ever established in canon that Kirk was born in Riverside? How long would it take a Constituion-class starship to get from Earth to Vulcan? You get the idea. Go nuts! Please post a brief summary of your question in the comment subject so that it's easy to spot.

Useful Links:
Memory Alpha | Memory Beta | Wikipedia
academy week

Starfleet Academy Commencement (Party Post)

Welcome, cadets and families, to our commencement ceremony.  It's hard to believe it's been a week four years since you first walked through our doors. 

I would like to take a moment to thank all of our distinguished professors and lecturers, as well as those students and faculty who started and ran our various societies, clubs, and other extracurricular activities.  You are what makes the Academy a success.  I and the students greatly appreciate the time you put into educating others.

Please note that our charity auctions will continue into next week.  I encourage you all to do what you can to help the people of Pakistan.

And now, if you'll all turn to the first page of your program... hey, over there, what are you -- is that Romulan ale?  Put that away --that's not appr -- Hey, sit down -- Cadets, return to your seats --those hats aren't regulation -- conga lines are not appropriate at graduat -- is that a pinata?  A pinata that... sort of... looks like... me...

Oh, what the hell.  Congratulations, cadets -- welcome to Starfleet and


Thanks to amine_eyes  for the certificate -- fill yours in and display it with pride!

(hey, pass that Romulan ale thisaway, willya?)

Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes

Hey guys, I'm sending out another signal boost for The Gold Standard. We're walking again this year in the 2010 Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes walk-a-thon, taking place at the Guadalupe River Park in San Jose, CA.

Last year, with the help of all you fine GQMFers, we raised over one thousand dollars. For 2010, we challenge all of you to help us double that amount for 2010.

We're already raised $240.00 $290.00, but we need a lot of help if we're going to make our goal.

You got what it takes to help people everywhere Live Long and Prosper?
Then click right HERE.

If you or someone you know has diabetes, let us know! Last year The Gold Standard walked for all the members of this community who are affected by diabetes, and we plan to do it again for 2010.

And hey, Star Trekkers in the San Jose, CA who are interested in being a part of The Gold Standard are welcome to join us! Drop me a note here in this post and I'll hook you up. :D

The Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes date is Sunday, October 10th. You know what to do...punch it!