September 4th, 2010

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It's that time of the week again: Friday!

So here is the weekly post where you GQMFs can post links to their own Star Trek-themed fan videos, art, fiction, crossover macros, and anything else that you feel best belongs right in here.

We recommend that you comment with a link to your journal/youtube/DeviantArt/etc, where we can all bust a gut laughing at your talent, as opposed to posting all the pictures/videos/etc in a single comment.

Punch pimp it!

colin bluesoup

Punch It! Now second position...

I caught this the other night and am reccommending it to Everybody. But ONTD-ST folks might particularly enjoy
the performance by our dear Capt Pike in a very different sortve role. The movie was inspiring without being sappy
the characters multifacted as I imagine the real people theyre based on were/are.