September 16th, 2010


 Because there's nothing better than spreading the love, here's an

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a love meme, it's simple -- just share your positive feelings toward members of this comm, fanart/fanfic, or Star Trek fandom in general! (Most of the time, people post anonymously, but it doesn't seem that it's enabled in this community. Oops!)

A little positivity can go a long way, so why not do it? You could make someone's day.

Positive comments only :) Let's show this fandom how big our hearts are <3

Post away! ♥♥♥

awkward threesome

Star Trek tattoo voting!

Hi everyone!!
I'd understand if you don't want to do this, so if so, just skip past! :D
My friend Steph has her Star Trek tattoo entered in a contest, and if she wins, she can win a 250$ gift card to a book store, and be entered to win a $1000 cash prize!!
I would really appreciate it if everyone would take just 2 minutes to vote for her, she's extremely close to winning!
You get 5 votes a day, so it would mean so much to both of us if you guys could vote each day! It ends on sunday!!

Click this link;

Click on the "best integration with an existing tattoo" tab, and she should be on the first page! just look for the star trek tattoo!!
Thank you all so much in advance, it means so much to us!!