September 23rd, 2010

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The Final Voyage?

For those of you whose commitment to all things Trek perhaps expands to the Great Beyond, whatever that may be, Eternal Image, who has previously brought us officially licensed MLB caskets and urns, now offers to the die-hard Trekkies among us a chance to stay connected with the fandom even in death.

That's right, officially licensed Star Trek urns.  You can find the customization options [here].  Boldly go, etc.

the Kobayashi Maru as told by the CW Hellcats

I realize I am outing myself as someone who watches a CW cheerleading show, but I can't help myself. A law professor (Gale Harold from Queer as Folk, maybe some of you have heard of him?) assigns an impossible task to his students: Research Kobayashi v Tenn. Except, there is no such case, so two students take it upon themselves to "reprogram the scenario, just like Jim Kirk." :D

They also made several mentions of how the film had an $85m opening.

I highly recommend checking it out, if only for the fangirl squee factor (and Gale Harold)!

It's GOLD, Jerry!

Apparently before longtime Trek writer/producer Michael Piller passed away in 2005, he wrote a fairly lengthy book about the writing of Star Trek: Insurrection. Paramount never let it get published, though. TrekCore somehow got hold of the unfinished manuscript, and put it up for fans to read. Here's what they have to say about it:

When we received this submission, we were told that Michael Piller considered this book his last great gift to the fans and to aspiring writers everywhere.  Unfortunately, Paramount somehow got it suppressed from being published. Michael Piller passed away in 2005, so getting this book published will never be possible (not to mention Insurrection is quite old now, so a book about it wouldn’t be financially feasible for a publisher).  It’s clear Michael Piller wanted this book read, so we felt that making it available to the fans made sense. It’s an amazingly detailed look at the process of writing the movie including internal memos, letters, pitches, story drafts, etc. Enjoy this unique glimpse into writing Star Trek Insurrection!

I may or may not have eschewed studying for the entirety of last night to read it. It's fascinating. He goes into every detail about how they came up with the story, all the different drafts (the first two complete treatments of the story for the film are included, even), and Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner's initial reactions - as well as lengthy letters between Stewart and Piller about his first draft (hint: he hated it and wasn't afraid to say so).

I'll put some amusing excerpts under the cut, but for now, here's the link: Beware, this is a direct link to download a 277-page .doc file. I couldn't find a link to a page that contains the download link, as it's just sitting there on their front-page news feed and I can't find a blog or anything.

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EDIT: TrekCore just removed it, apparently at the request of his family. I opened it directly instead of saving it, so I can't give it to anyone who didn't get to it. I'd feel skeevy about doing so anyway. Soooo... no longer useful entry is no longer useful.