October 2nd, 2010

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Wodehouse/Trek Fans! Check this out!

Ahoy, GQMFs! Last night, I was flipping through the channels and fell upon The Trouble with Tribbles, with dear Captain Kirk in his green wrap-around tunic. This triggered a memory of a wonderful little parody story, in which Captain Kirk was basically Bertie Wooster, and Spock was Jeeves, of course. I searched and searched until I found it on Michael Canfield’s blog. If you’ve ever wondered how Jeeves and Wooster would fare in space (hasn’t everybody?), you need to read this.

Since this is from the author's blog, I don't want to just cut and paste the entire story here. Instead, I've given you the first little bit to entice you go on to the guy's blog and read the rest.

Captain Kirk needs you to click the cut tag to read the little story!

P.G. Wodehouse 1966
He broke in here one afternoon seven years ago, and chattered nervously for twenty minutes about a television show he'd been asked to write back in 1966. When he left, I typed it up as best I could ...* 
Right-O, Spock!
G.N. W*d*nb*rry

    I had only sat down to a delicately replicated repast of kippers, tomatoes, and a splash of the brown-and-bracing when the door whistled. 'Come -- and all that,' I said, a trifle annoyed. It's not at all often that a chap gets a quiet breakfast when he's captain of something, but we starfleeting lads never shirk when it comes to going boldly where no m. has gone b.
    'Excuse the intrusion, Captain,' said my man Spock -- intruding excuse-lessly it seemed to me -- 'A most urgent matter requires your attention on the bridge.'
    I sighed. 'You have a go at the thing, whatever it is, won't you Spock?' We both knew Spock was the brains of the enterprise. 'I'd hardly be more use than a -- .' Words failed me as they often do -- especially after a night of Aldeberian Brandy and trimming the foliage off green dancing girls.
    'I sympathise sir, but I must call your attention to the fact that you are senior officer of this vessel.'
    'O, right you are Spock.' I dropped my napkin upon the late lamented breakfast. Still, I thought as I rose, rather rum of old Spock to throw a man's rank in his glass -- and before noon.
    'I say Spock, where the devil is my green wrap-around tunic?'
    'I took the liberty of having it recycled into the warp core,' said the fellow, while laying out one of those drab old blond-coloured pullovers Starfleet expects a cove to gad about in.
    'No! Really you didn't, Spock! You know that was my favourite!'
    'I do beg your pardon sir if I was mistaken, but I believe you had expressed a desire that all trash be removed from quarters on a periodic schedule.'
    'Spock! Not my green wrap-around!' Some fellows have no sense of style.
    'I regret the incident, sir -- but I must insist we press on to the bridge.'
    I dragged on the wretched blond rag and together we forged into another day's exploration of the quadrant.

And the rest can be found here!

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If it doesn't work, cut'n'paste the following: http://michaelcanfield.blogs.com/knockout/2004/11/download_wodeho.html
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