October 16th, 2010

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Looking at actor Karl Urban’s resume of late, you could definitely argue the man is in his graphic novel period. He’s got two major film projects, “RED” and “Priest”, based on the genre ready to release and he begins work on director Pete Travis ‘ “Dredd”, based on the comics Judge Dredd, in mere weeks in South Africa.

While Urban admits to being a Judge Dredd comic book fan since he was a kid, he’s also candid about the fact that his current spate of sequential art adaptations wasn’t part of some grand plan.

“To be honest with you, I never really plan a thing,” Urban laughs during his exclusive interview with Newsarama last week. “I just respond to the material put in front of me. I think it’s more a byproduct of the fact that Hollywood is drawing so much inspiration for films from graphic novels. It used to be novels and short stories. But they wouldn’t make these movies if there wasn’t a demand for it and an audience willing to go see them. I think it’s just symptomatic of Hollywood filmmaking today.”

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Who has seen Red? What did you think?