October 18th, 2010

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Best Trek costume?

There's nothing like waiting til the last minute to buy your Halloween costume... and that's what I'm doing.  Any suggestions for the best Trek dress (either old-school or new-school)? I know there are a lot of Trek uniform costumes out there, I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions as far which brands fit better, if certain ones suck, or good websites to buy from.   I got my ass kicking knee high black boots.... just need a dress. :)
Thanks in advance!
(also feel free to use this post to show us pics of you rockin out your Trek costumes!)

Simon Pegg Interview - updated!

Simon Pegg: 'I measure my life in terms of my relationship with Star Wars'
(New! Updated with a link to book-signing dates)

In advance of the release of Simon Pegg's autobiography, Nerd Do Well, he gave an interview with Tom Lamont published yesterday in the UK's Sunday Observer newspaper (and is therefore rather Brit-centric).  There's not much mention of Star Trek, but only because he's doing so much right now.  Simon is, as they say, in demand...
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This is the weekly post where members can plan meetups for movies, conventions, and misc events.

Just specify the city/country you're in and link to a post in your personal journal where your neighbors can plan the meetup with you. or else check out the list of communities dedicated to these meet-ups  Collapse )

For upcoming Star Trek related conventions check here.


For those of you who were able to document your meetups, please post your pics and recaps here, or better yet link to a post in your own LJ so that the comment pages here don't break the internet.

Last week, the Gold Standard walked to fight Diabetes.

Even if you didn't take any pictures, please feel free to recount the awesomeness of meeting with other GQMF's, any funny conversations or accidental meeting of other Star Trek geeks fans. lol

Do it!