November 6th, 2010



I'm starting to plan for my very first scifi convention, and I am excite! So here's a post about conventions!

Have you been to a scifi or Star Trek specific convention? Which one(s)? How was it? Best and worst parts? Meet anyone awesome? Any photos or con stories?
I'll be going to Farpoint in Maryland in February. Has anyone gone before? Did you like it? Anyone planning on going this year? (...anyone want to share a hotel room? I haven't found anyone to go with yet)

If you've been to both scifi and anime cons, what are the differences/similarities? I've been to over a dozen anime cons - any significant differences I should know about?

Also, if you've been to the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas... how much is registration and can you prereg online? I can't find any info on the website except for the gold membership.