November 15th, 2010


Rachel Weisz wants to be in Star Trek sequel

Interview from May 2010: Rachel Weisz wants role in Star Trek Sequel



RW: Yeah.  You know what?  I loved Star Trek. I mean, I couldn’t even believe how great, I meant to write (Star Trek director) J.J. Abrams a letter.  I haven’t written it yet, though.  I just thought- Didn’t you think it was tremendous?

Interviewer: Yeah.

RW: I just thought it was tremendous.

Interviewer: And it worked on several different levels.  It worked, not just artistically, but also commercially.  And it was accessible to people who weren’t necessarily fans of (the series).

RW: And I’m not a Trekkie.  I mean, (Weisz’s longtime fiancé) Darren (Aronofsky) took me thinking, he says, “You’re gonna hate this.”  Cause I didn’t grow up watching Star Trek.  I mean, I, Dr. Spock, I mean, I vaguely know.  But, I loved it.  I absolutely—I thought the acting was just phenomenal.  Really, really great.  So, yeah!  No, I’m totally open to doing a big, big blockbuster.

Interview: Would you enter in and put your name in the hat for the Star Trek sequel?

RW: Me?  I would LOVE to be in the Star Trek sequel!  Yeah!  I would love to!  I better write that letter to J.J.

Last year, Carey Mulligan also said that she wants to be in Star Trek (playing a human though). CAST THESE AWESOME WOMEN PLEASE.
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