January 13th, 2011

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Phantasms and Paintings

 Dear BB's, 
     i have been in an artistic mood recently and asked my girlfriend what kind of painting she would like- she responded with a request of Spot, Data and Worf from the episode Phantasms.
     now i am a OST fan and have very little comparison pictures from TNG, and thought the task quite daunting, but rose to realize i was part of the best Star Trek Community and who better to ask?
     so with the BBs i ask you to help me with this daunting quest. I think of it as a mini and slightly specific party post of a sort <3 

always yours and forever 


thank you you GQMF's <3

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Five Favorite Films with Zoe Saldana

"Right now, Zoe Saldana is at the center of what will likely become the two biggest contemporary science fiction series on the planet. Next year she'll reprise her role as Uhura in the sequel to J.J. Abrams' 2009 hit Star Trek, which, if successful, will continue the invigoration of the venerable franchise. And then there are the forthcoming sequels to James Cameron's all-time box-office king Avatar..."

"Saldana's tenacity -- and tastes -- as an actor reflect in her choice of five favorite films. The first one, in particular, was the most telling..."

List and rest of the article: *HERE*
Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

ZQ in Margin Call

I did not see this posted here yet. I saw it surfacing on Tumblr today with a whole bunch of gifs and followed up with sequential fangirling. It's clips from Margin Call featuring scenes with Zachary, Stanley Tucci and Penn Badgley.

ZQ wears a suit, drops $5 words like a boss and remains fabulous while doing so.

Here's the DL for anyone who can not view the embed!

ETA: Looks like NY Post took it down, so here's a 5 minute trailer replacement until i can find those clips again~
ETA 2: ZQ appears timestamp 2:50

first post~ hope i did this right