January 20th, 2011

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Help out the Flood Victims in Australia and Brazil

In the immortal words of Captain Fine, "Buckle Up!"

As many of you may be aware, there have been some shocking floods occurring in the states of Queensland, New South Wales and now Victoria in Australia. To put it in perspective, the areas affected have been estimated as bigger than France and Germany combined.

waltzmatildah wanted to do something to help out their fellow Australian's and is hosting a fundraiser challenge over at their journal.

Details can be read here.

Over at the kirk_mccoy community we have a post where people offering up their services can provide a link for people to find ST offerings. That post is here

Also helping out Queensland is the community qldfloodauction which is also hosting offerings of fic, art, etc. Click on the banner below to access the offering post.

The heavy weather in Brazil has taken hundreds of people's lives and thousands are without homes. helpbrazil2011 is a multi-fandom offering community. If you are interested in helping out, please click on the banner below.

As with waltzmatildah's auction, there is also a collation post at kirk_mccoy for the Help Brazil and the Queensland Flood Auction. The post is here

If anyone is participating in the auctions, we would love to know about it. Previously, fandoms have helped out tremendously in respect to areas that have been greatly affected by natural disasters and we hope fandom can help out again.
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Thursday Twitter Roundup

This is the weekly post for community members to discuss the week's Twitter shenanigans.

Here are some GQMFs to get you started:

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