January 23rd, 2011



Star Trek actors @ Sundance:
Margin Call Reviews (so far) from Sundance
Anton Yelchin's film getting amazing notices and deal with Paramount

I know there's already a post about Margin Call, but here are all the reviews that have been released so far. Overall, a very mixed response. Some are very negative, others are positive but still have reservations. Nothing enthusiastic yet. The consensus seems to be that the cast is pretty good, with Space, Irons and Tucci being the standouts, but that the film needs at least a good edit (many found it to be long) and has pacing issues.

On the other hand, Anton Yelchin's film Like Crazy is getting some of the most positive notices so far in the fest and just snagged a huge distribution deal with Paramount for $4 million.

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