February 18th, 2011

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Thursday(-ish) Twitter Roundup

This is the weekly post for community members to discuss the week's Twitter shenanigans.

Here are some GQMFs to get you started:

Have fun!
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It's that time of the week again: Friday!

And boy am I glad this week is over! :) That said, I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

Here is the weekly post where you GQMFs can post links to their own Star Trek-themed fan videos, art, fiction, crossover macros, and anything else that you feel best belongs right in here.

We recommend that you comment with a link to your journal/youtube/DeviantArt/etc, where we can all marvel at your talent, as opposed to posting all the pictures/videos/etc in a single comment.

Punch it!

Magazine Scan

Good old Magazine Scan contains mostly William Shatner and little bits Leonard Nimoy,DeForest Kelley,Nichelle Nichols,Majel Barrett-Roddenberry and Star Trek Original Series(TOS).Brought to you by Christine.Visit her Leonard Nimoy fan web site at Beyond Spock and her Nimoy videos page on YouTube.As her websites are Nimoy only so sho won't post them.

Download here on Rapid~ or Mirrow link  on MU
( Thank you graziepeppa  for help me make a mirror link.)

File name: More_Goodies.zip
File description: more goodies ST articles
File size: 236.72 MB

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It much take time to read so feel free to comeback and leave comment if and when you like to.Please post link if you share stuff outside here.I love to see.:)