March 16th, 2011


Simon Pegg Predicts Star Trek Sequel As “Character Piece” + Tonight Show Video

Star Trek’s Simon Pegg has wrapped up his US publicity tour for Paul and is headed to Vancouver to finish up shooting on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Before departing he appeared on the Jay Leno show and we have that video, plus in another interview the actor talked about his hopes and expectations for the Star Trek sequel.

I also said [to JJ Abrams] jokingly can Scotty have a love scene with an Orion girl. [laughs] What I do know the crew is still new to each other. The next film will still be exploring the process of getting to know each other. There won’t be just now there’s a new adventure. We’ve only just met.

My prediction is that Alex [Kurtzman] and Roberto [Orci] will write a lovely character piece, as well as a good sci-fi romp. I’m very excited about it. As far as filming goes, we’re all hoping for August or September.

SOURCE (I'm having problems embedding, but the videos do work at the source!)

Not sure if he's guessing or if he's been told that. If he's been told that, then likelihood they'll ffw to a time where Kirk and Spock are already bff is low.