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March 22nd, 2011

I'm really hesitant to post this because the deadline to buy tickets is... last night at midnight D: BUT it's important news about JJ's involvement in the sequel and about how awesome he is!

"Win a trip to the Star Trek set – raffle tickets available Monday March 21st ONLY

UNICEF in conjunction with Giant Robot Magazine are holding a special fundraising raffle and exhibition for victims of the devastation in Japan. The raffle includes a number of possible prizes, mostly artwork on display at the Water Works Exhibition in Los Angeles. Today Star Trek sequel producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams added a visit to the sequel set as one of the raffle prizes."

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Now I know we're all disappointed that we're too late to buy tickets, but the important thing is that it's for a good cause, and that JJ will probably be pretty involved in the sequel. That's the important thing, right? :D Right. Deadline, schmeadline, right?

[Source: Trekmovie]
Due to kind and wise encouragement I'm bringing this to your attention and sincerly hope it's relevant to you:

The article here has been mentioned earlier on kirkspock  and as this fandom is as aweseom as it is, someone was so nice to send it to me when I begged asked for it.

It's true that the interview is mostly about Shatner's life but hell, this last answer of him - as short as it might seem - is the ones that makes us squee.

We see, Bill does excatly know what Kirk wants.
Not that we're very surprised by that :)

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