March 22nd, 2011

the final frontier

JJ Abrams Offers Visit to STXII Set as Raffle Prize!

I'm really hesitant to post this because the deadline to buy tickets is... last night at midnight D: BUT it's important news about JJ's involvement in the sequel and about how awesome he is!

"Win a trip to the Star Trek set – raffle tickets available Monday March 21st ONLY

UNICEF in conjunction with Giant Robot Magazine are holding a special fundraising raffle and exhibition for victims of the devastation in Japan. The raffle includes a number of possible prizes, mostly artwork on display at the Water Works Exhibition in Los Angeles. Today Star Trek sequel producer (and possible director) JJ Abrams added a visit to the sequel set as one of the raffle prizes."

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Now I know we're all disappointed that we're too late to buy tickets, but the important thing is that it's for a good cause, and that JJ will probably be pretty involved in the sequel. That's the important thing, right? :D Right. Deadline, schmeadline, right?

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Two Flowers

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Due to kind and wise encouragement I'm bringing this to your attention and sincerly hope it's relevant to you:

The article here has been mentioned earlier on kirkspock  and as this fandom is as aweseom as it is, someone was so nice to send it to me when I begged asked for it.

It's true that the interview is mostly about Shatner's life but hell, this last answer of him - as short as it might seem - is the ones that makes us squee.

We see, Bill does excatly know what Kirk wants.
Not that we're very surprised by that :)

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