March 26th, 2011

Ryo Nishikido - yarichin

The Shat @ Megacon

I spontaneously decided at the last minute to go to this con and catch The Shat. I arrived 5 minutes late, but I recorded almost the entire panel! And I come to share it!

It was definitely a Trek fan's day. Seeing William Shatner on Leonard Nimoy's birthday? Hahahaha, amazing.

I also have some video from the TNG Panel hosted by Jonathan Frakes, Micheal Dorn, and Marina Sirtis. Unfortunately, I did not get all of that panel - camera died (and I want to avoid embarrassment by not posting the footage of me screaming WHOO! FRINGE. YES. FRIDAYS AT 9). But it was hilarious. Oh man, Riker and Troi are hilarious. They are so in touch with their fans its amazing (You'll see us in anything except Nemesis. Just as long as it's not Nemesis HAHAHAHA). I'll post that later once I get it up :3 That bit isn't in the footage :(
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