June 13th, 2011

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Star Trek (Abrams-verse) video game!

I can't believe no one has posted this yet! It sounds so awesome! I AM SUPER EXCITED. I saw this at E3 during the Sony conference while fangirling about Uncharted 3 stuff. It was a big surprise that made me fangirl even more. I dunno what tags to put on this, but here it is anyway.

Anyway to get to the actual point, there's a Star Trek video game coming out in summer 2012. It looks amazing, and the developers said they've been working closely with the crew of the new 2009 movie to make it as true to the new films as possible. It's going to center on co-op with the players as Kirk and Spock (who seem to be based on Captain Fine and ZQ; hopefully they're voicing them, too). From what I hear, it's going to follow up on the story of the first movie, but it takes place before the events of the sequel.

Here's the trailer - enjoy!

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