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July 23rd, 2011

Brent Spiner's "Fresh Hell"

If you've missed Brent Spiner's new web series, you really ought to watch. It starts out a bit slow, and the sound is off in places, but dangit, episode 5 is a hoot.

The premise of the series is that after Star Trek, Brent had an "incident" (we don't know what he did). Now everyone hates him and he can't get work, so his life is now a "fresh hell."

Here's episode 1:Collapse )
It was inevitable that some of our bbs would cross paths!

Anton is there for Fright Night, John is there for Total Recall. John also goes on to explain that the abomination moustache is for the American Pie reunion movie.

Under the cut is a video where someone else asks John about the Star Trek sequel. More of the same "it's still being written" stuff >.< But no moustache for Sulu, at least!

Read more...Collapse )

Total not-news about the sequel! Yay!

I've been keeping my eyes peeled for anything leaking out of ComicCon about STXII, considering that Orci, Kurtzman and Lindelof are all doing stuff there. So far, this is what little news I've been able to gather:

- Damon Lindelof confirms that they are writing the script, which we all thought they were already doing, but apparently they've just started or something. Anyway it's certainly not done yet. But at least they have moved on from "outlining" to actually legitimately writing things. I like to think the process is taking so long because they keep unconsciously inserting gay porn into the script, but that's just me.

Rest cut for the teeniest tiniest spoilers imaginable, but just to be safeCollapse )

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