August 17th, 2011

More Tribbles, No Troubles (Make It Sew!)

In this previous post, I solicited suggestions for quotes. Thank you all very much for your help.

For the Polaris 25 convention Friday Night Star Trek Celebration, I enlisted the help of two friends who spent many a day making over 100 tribbles. They have my undying gratitude! ♥ they're in the pic below

I was a "tribble catcher", clad in olive-coloured, many-pocketed butch gear with bag o' tribbles. Serendipity lead me to the perfect tie-in to the tribble origin story from TOS and that's where the tag logo and department came from, though the agency itself is my own creation.

My favourite tribble of all

As you can see the tags also had numbers of the "captured" on one side and your Trek series/movie quotes on the other. By midnight, all the tribbles were given away. If you wish to know how the tribbles were made, this is the tutorial that the creators used as a basis for their work.

Because they deserve front page status, the awesomely talented Tribble Makers!

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