September 9th, 2011

spn: like i'm missing pieces of sleep

"Thursday" Twitter Roundup

Thank you to those of you that left comments on my last Twitter Roundup post. :)

School is back in session... O! The joy! Or not! This heatwave-slash-ridiculously hot summer needs to end already.

This is the weekly (or not, because real life hates me still) post for community members to discuss the week's Twitter shenanigans.
Here are some GQMFs to get you started:

And if there are any other Trek cast/crew members (or aficionados such as Mr. Nemecek!) on Twitter now, let me know.

Have fun!
arthurian dax

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Hey you! Yes, you! Do you like Star Trek? Can you get yourself to Manchester in the UK before 20th September? You can? Brilliant!

Generation Pop in Manchester is currently holding Legacy: The Star Trek Fine Art Exhibition, and it's running until 20th September. Some friends and I found ourselves at the opening party where we imbibed possibly a little too much of the free booze but had a fabulous time nevertheless. There's a brilliant collection of some really beautiful Star Trek artwork, all of which is available to buy. (At one point last night my fiance and I were working out if we could delay our wedding so we could buy one of the pictures.)
This is a picture of us at the opening party last night with some of the artwork on display behind us (I'm the lady in the yellow):

So, if you can get to Manchester city centre at some point soon, I'd thoroughly recommend going!