October 3rd, 2011

star trek xi; spock candy close-up

Star Trek Comics contain clues to the sequel!!

I am so unreasonably excited about this

Relevant excerpts:

This new comic book series sets in motion the countdown to the next film. So, give us a preview. What can readers expect to see?
Johnson: The first few issues of the series are adaptations of TOS episodes, as the “new” crew encounters some of the same threats the original crew did, but with differences that reflect things like Kirk being a younger captain and Spock losing his homeworld. As we get closer to the next movie, the stories will begin to foreshadow the events of the movie, such as possibly introducing new characters we will see onscreen... pun very much intended.

What other episodes will you tackle, and what excites you most about your fresh takes on those episodes?
Johnson: Each episode will be told in two issues, so in issue #3 and #4 we will revisit the events of “The Galileo Seven.” I’m excited about this one because it’s a Spock-centric story that explores his brief experience as a commanding officer and how he was affected by losing command of the Enterprise to Kirk in the last movie. I can’t spoil which episodes come after that, but I can say that events will deviate more and more from the TOS versions as the new timeline evolves.

How much, if at all, will what you're doing ultimately tie into the next film and its story?
Johnson: Very much so, much in the way that the “Countdown” series set up backstory for the last movie. It’s fantastic to have Bob’s input, because he can steer us clear of story elements that might conflict with what’s coming up in the next movie, and we can lay in subtle clues to what’s coming up so that once you see the new movie you can go back and see how it evolved in the comics.

Bob, since we're talking, what updates can you give us about the next Trek film?
Orci: The cast is excited. We have a director. We’ve started scouting locations. The second time around the crew is already together from the start, so we can jump right into the adventure.