October 10th, 2011

  • koboot

Patrick Stewart comes to Washington, DC!

Attention D.C., Maryland, and Virginia!  Perhaps attention for other areas too depending on how far you are willing to drive, because guess what?


Yes my GQMFs, Patrick Stewart.  The Enterprise Space Shuttle may be leaving our Dulles Air & Space Museum, but we do get Patrick Stewart for a night!  Two nights, if you are lucky enough to 'hobnobb there among the elite' and see Patrick Stewart, Rene Auberjonois, and Avery Brooks perform at The Harman Center for the Arts Annual Gala.   Classic Conversations is not a performance, but it is something awesome and the tickets are only $35 each!

From The Shakespeare Theater Company Website:

"This season marks the 25th anniversary of the Shakespeare Theatre Company, and Michael Kahn's 25 years as Artistic Director. As part of our anniversary celebration, we're inviting some of the world's most renowned classical actors to talk about their craft and how the art of classical theatre has contributed to their career. Think "Inside the Actor's Studio" at our very own Sidney Haman Hall!

Join Michael Kahn as he takes you inside STC favorite Patrick Stewart’s body of classical work, as well as Kahn’s impressive 25 years at the helm of "the nation's foremost Shakespeare company." (Wall Street Journal) "

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