October 20th, 2011


large-sized official star trek costumes?


Halloween is almost upon us yet again!! I have a question and this is the only place I think would have the answer.

Does anybody know where I can get an official Star Trek dress in a LARGE size? Rubie's apparently makes them, like, they EXIST: http://rubies.com/landingpage.cfm?ItemNumber=889226

But everywhere I can find that sells them seems to stop at Medium. I have also found a plus-sized TOS dress around but it's sizes 16-22 which seems like an awwwfulllyyy big spread. I'm somewhere between 14 and 16 so I would rather try a straight Large than risk getting a size 22.

I seem to remember in years pass people rocking the official costumes in all sizes. So. Help??

PS I live in Canada so places that ship to Canada would be the most ideal!

THANK YOU. Also, what are your plans for Halloween??
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