October 27th, 2011

  • reezoo

"Like Crazy" Shoutout & Review

*waves at everyone*

I just wanted to remind people that Anton's film Like Crazy opens wide this week! If you need a review of the film by a fellow trekkie in order to convince you it is worth seeing in theaters, mine can be found at my LJ here. (WARNING: the review has spoilers.)

Sadly Anton does not get to use his Chekov voice in the film, but seeing as his real voice is dead sexy and it gives us the chance to see him in various states of undress, you won't get any complaints from me. :) He has really great chemistry with his costars, his acting is equal parts charming and heartbreaking, and he is just all around amazing in it! Crossing my fingers it is a big success for him, because he really deserves it. Feel free to talk up the film in the comments.