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December 9th, 2012

Tonight, Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot screened for press the nine-minute IMAX prologue to J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness. ComingSoon.net was on hand to take a first look at the footage and will be heading to Bad Robot tomorrow for more information. In the meantime, Abrams himself has requested that we keep specific details of the footage to a minimum.

read the rest here at the source

So we still won't have a villain reveal even after the 9 minute preview. Well played, JJ. Well played. LOL
I'm beginning to think that all of our guesses are probably wrong at this point.

This is pretty non-spoilery but if you want no details at all ever, proceed with caution anyway.

ETA: A second article from Trekmove.com. The first article has been reposted multiple places but is the same article so I won't bother posting those links. The Trek Movie write-up is new and provides some insight into the overal feeling of the 9 minute preview, I think.

Fun video blog reaction (and article) from Collider. Spoiler-free.

Spoilerific image and possibly spoilerific caption. The image is definitely a spoiler but I'm not sure about the text because it's in Italian and I ran it through Google translator. You know how that works out. We may have a name, possibly? I can't quite tell. No one I've heard of. I asked over on Trek Movie (hoping someone could read Italian lol) and the name is just some random person author, I think.

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