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Captain Fine and his heightened sense of ~fashion~

I put this in my personal journal and everyone there seemed to like it so I figured maybe the GQMFs in this comm might like it, too. :)

workin' a suit

Good lord. The wide pinstripe, the skinny tie, the white handkerchief, it all works like a mad, working thing.

It's a grey/white PLAID suit, bitches. Plaid. Ice blue tie. YES YES YES. Chris...just YES.

Hello Armani? Bale didn't want to be in your damn ads, they MADE HIM. I got one GQMF right here who can pick up that ad campaign right where it left off.

Double-breasted suit with vest - this bitch is FLAWLESS.



Oh bb. At least the belt and shoes (BOOTS LOL) match? I have no words, except that he reeks of Tom Brady here.

I wouldn't have a problem with this because the no-collar suit jacket is kinda awesome, and I never say no to pinstripes, but what is up with buttoning the top button? It's a suit jacket, Chris, not your grandma's cardigan.

Oh, Chris. How? And Yes. And OH GOD YES. Do you have a stylist? Or are you naturally this GQ?

So nice up top, and then it kind of falls apart at the bottom. What are those shoes, bb? It looks like he forgot to take them off at the bowling alley.

The cuffing of the pants is killing me, because DH does that and I'm like, "You're not the Fonz." Pair it with chucks and I'm like, OH GOSH LOL. The suit jacket is too small... *waves hand around* None of this should work and yet. AND YET.

I love this picture. I love this picture so much and let me tell you why. Because of Pine's inappropriate v-neck shirt with that suit jacket. Because of ZQ's shoes. Because of Karl's tie. Because their IMs went something like this before the appearance:
Bana: So...jeans?
JJ: With a hoodie.
ZQ: Not a hoodie, that's tacky. With shirt and tie.
Karl: I'm on it.
Chris: Suit jacket?
ZQ: No jacket.
Bana: Yes, jacket. Leather.
JJ: Casual. Hoodie and t-shirt.
ZQ: I'll wear casual shoes and a casual belt.
Everyone: Casual shoes, def.
Karl: Should we tell Cho?
Everyone: No.

Yes please. Individually, I don't like the components. Together and on Chris Pine? YES.

See above.


Love the glasses and the plaid, but what the fuck are on his feet? :p

Unf unf. That's the blue American Apparel hoodie. He loves those damn black/red Nikes. You'll see. You'll see. (This is sighting #1.)

*dies* How does one man look so good in a white t-shirt? Is it the fluffy hair? Is it the awkward tan? What is it?

If you're gonna look ridiculous, might as well look ridiculous with a friend. That's my motto. And somehow these GQMFs pull it off. (Red/black Nike sighting #2.)

Oh god YES. Leather jacket, YES. (Red/black Nike sighting #3.)

I know this picspam is about Chris. But this cast is so GQ, they're bound to show up in pics. And I love this picture so much. SO SO much. ZQ's shoes are SILVER. That's right, they're SILVER. Bana is practically coming back from jogging. Chris' button fly isn't quite buttoned right and his pants are cuffed. CUFFED with black work boots. LOL FOREVER. Karl & Jon look downright flawless. Their texts before arrival read, "blue plaid & dark jeans? y/y?"

D'aww, Chris. The hat. The shorts. The shoes. It's so bad it's good?

You are fly. You are fly and you are hot and you know it. Look at the layering. Look at how the jacket fits him. The cuffed dark jeans and the high-top chucks. He put some thought into this outfit. Most importantly, he put some thought into making it look like he didn't put any thought into the outfit but is naturally this fly.

I don't know what's going on with the jacket and the strangely placed gold buttons, but I like it.

You know what it is? It's that he has a body that makes clothes look good. He's skinny, you know? Skinny legs, and enough muscle tone but not to where he has to go up a size and make things baggy. Um, yeah, that's it. (Red/black Nike sighting #4.)

Although I personally would never feel GQ enough to wear a dark blue cardigan with black jeans, I love that he does it, and he's all, "I look AMAZING." I mean, the fact that he unabashedly wears cardigans that he very well could have stolen from Grandma Pine's closet is enough reason to not pass him through security because THAT MUCH SEXY SHOULD BE ILLEGAL.

I am sorry but bb looks practically perfect in every way here. New York Times, check. Chucks with black laces? Check. Pen in his breast pocket? Check. Ray-Bans? Check. Binder and book or journal with tassle bookmark? Check. Receiving a dirty text? CHECKITY CHECK CHECK CHECK.

God I love this. Him. This/him. The shirt needs ironed, just enough to make me think naughty thoughts about how it got wrinkled. The jeans are PERFECT. The classic Vans? YES PLEASE.

I love everything about the things he chooses to be. Not just the cardigan with the unbuttoned last button. Not just the black chucks with black laces. Not just the artfully loosened tie. All of it. The whole package. Just yes and more yes with yes yes god yes on top.

I don't know, but I love it. I love the white chucks, I love the pants, I want that to be a purple cardigan and I want to see him wear it with the blue t-shirt. I want it all.

I mean. I mean. *makes hand motions* You know? Yes, you know. Don't you just want to be somewhere with him where it's snowing outside and there's a fire going and... I mean, ffs, he's wearing a scarf. ♥

Everything about this is wrong. EVERYTHING. The shirt is a notch above too wrinkled, the jeans are poor fitting, the shoes are green. THE SHOES ARE GREEN. Chris, take off all of your clothes now.

Why yes, I will cuddle up with you on a very long flight to Australia. I will also borrow that hoodie if you don't mind and never give it back later.

HOODIE. I need this hoodie in my life like yesterday. Black/Red Nikes again (#5). Not crazy about the jeans, but he does like to give the ladies a look at the bulge so I'll forgive him his trespasses.

Despite the fact that every time I see those Nikes (#6), they look more obnoxious, he is wearing a henley. This trumps all. UNF UNF. Also, bonus!Bateman! Also, Bateman's shoes suck worse than Captain Fine's.

It's...a look. An excellent look that I endorse and approve.

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