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ONTD_STARTREK party post fanmix

Yeah, this needs a bit of a preceding note. Basically this all started because I'm a dork who made a special 'party' playlist before the last party post and it really kept me going a long time. Well I started to post the playlist in the party itself, but I got lazy and figured 'who really cares?' But then the day after was so unexpectedly freaking sweet that I decided what the hell, I'll just throw a cover together and zip songs and I'd be good. Well yeah, hours later (my photoshop skills are still developing) I realized that apparently I went overboard and I actually wanted to do the art more than the fanmix. Then it went even crazier and upon listening to my playlist, I made a ridiculously soppy and fluffy vid to a Discovery channel commercial in about two hours. THESE THINGS JUST KEEP HAPPENING TO ME AND I DON'T KNOW WHY. And I'm sure some of these songs won't apply to you, but they get me jazzed up and so I figured what the hell, may as well share.

So now that I laid that out, here it all is:


Track Listing

Andrew W.K.
Party Hard

If you don't know why this is included, you are either brand new or you have somehow managed to never look at the last several party posts. Shame.

C+C Music Factory
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

No matter how many times this is played, I hear it and like a siren's call, I want to indeed dance now.

Electric Six
Gay Bar

Another no brainer, but for the lolz:

The Lonely Island
I'm on a Boat

Aww shit yeah, this is a panfandom classic, motherfucker don't you ever forget.

The Lonely Island
Jizz in My Pants

With lyrics like these, it's hard to find a reason not to include it.

I jizz right in my pants
Every time you're next to me
And when we're holdin hands
Its like havin sex with me


Song 2

Or as most know it as, the 'WOO HOO!!' song. If you aren't grooving a little bit when this song comes on, check your pulse. Shit son, this song would make Spock bob his head a little.

House of Pain
Jump Around

I didn't even realize how appropriate this song was until I was bouncing along to it and these lyrics made me grin.

Punk you'd better back up
Try and play the role and the whole crew will act up

Hell yeah, Jim Kirk's crew will fuck you up if you try to act like a punk bitch!

Bobby Brown
My Prerogative
Note: The mp3 file name needs to add the 'my' and it's spelled wrong, wtf self.

The Weather Girls
It's Raining Men

Don't 90% of us just wish. All I know is, I both want to dance and check the skies.

Blink 182
Dancing with Myself

Please, like some of you guys aren't sitting naked in front of your computer eating cheese doodles when there's a party post. ROCK WITH YOUR SPOCK OUT BECAUSE IN THIS COMMUNITY, THAT'S SOME GQMF SHIT. Goddamn, where else can you go to a party this kick ass with no clothes on and not an orgy in sight?

The Final Countdown

Shit yeah it's 80's rock! This is what it was that last hour before we make LJ our bitch. Even the lyrics are futuristic and shit.


Montell Jordan
This Is How We Do It


Glee Cast
Don't Stop Believin'

This gets posted a lot in the party threads, and it just kicks ass so there.

Don't Stop Believing (Star Trek XI, Kirk and Spock) from arefadedaway on Vimeo.

Ok Go
Here It Goes Again

Yeah not much of an explanation here, except it fucking rocks.

The Wombats
Let's Dance to Joy Division

Basically, it's a song about dancing and being happy even if everything sucks. Sounds like what party posts can do to a bad fucking mood. Also, we turn wank into party posts. Trufax.

Flight of the Conchords

From a fanvid posted in the party recently, and it just fills me with happy feelings of joy and partying with all the kick ass people on here.

Lady Gaga
Poker Face

For the K/S shippers, or just Spock/anyone shippers because I think somewhere this was unofficially dubbed his theme song, y/y?

Whitney Houston
I Wanna Dance with Somebody

Another 'just cause, whut?' choice. Good memories and it's about dancing, deal. :)

Bon Jovi
We Got It Going On

Shit yeah, we do indeed got it fucking going on, that motherfucking shit should never be doubted.
Is there anybody out there looking for a party?
Shake your Moneymaker baby smoke it if you got it

Robbie Williams
Rock DJ

I may be alone in this, but I can totally see new!Kirk getting down to this, all dancing in the center of attention on a karaoke night and all shouting; 'HOUSTON DO YOU HEAR ME, GROUND CONTROL CAN YOU FEEL ME NEED PERMISSION TO LAND!" and then attempting to strip. IDEK, but somehow the image sticks.

Pimpin' ain't easy
But if you're sellin' it
It's alright

The Faders
No Sleep Tonight

Not only does the title fit what a 24-hour party will take from you sleep-wise, but also it's a multi-ship song about an oblivious male who needs to be properly seduced. Hell yeah!

And it's time to make you see (What I want)
So I'll just make this a little more obvious
'Cos I get what I want
And I want you to get with me

The Darkness
I Believe in a Thing Called Love

OMG, I first heard this song from a Heroes vid that won't fucking embed wtf and of course this is relevant to our interests. Ah, season one of Heroes when everyone had a slash pairing and I was interested in more than just gawking at ZQ. Besides that point of interest, it's also just a kick ass song, fits every pairing, and my god, singing along with it is fucking fun.

We Are the Champions

This is what the aftterglow felt like when you're at the end of that epic post and suddenly there's no way to comment anymore and you're still jazzed and you just sit back and go, "OH EM GEE, we win the internet. We fucking won the motherfucking day."

And best of all? We can do even better next time. We have a hell of a record to beat, but fuck, now that we know we CAN, we certainly should try to go under the 24 hour mark to max posts.


Cue for some strange shit right here.

I don't recall who and damned if I'm going back to search for it in over a hundred pages worth of epicness, but someone posted this video from a Discovery channel ad and, since I was kind of dazed and scared from a zombie cockroach (DON'T EVEN ASK D:), it made me feel weirdly happy even though I saw the commercial on TV before and it wasn't new to me. So I, erm, made a fanvid? In about two hours, probably the fastest thing I've vidded in, oh, ever, and you can definitely tell, I'm cringing already. But you know, I love you guys and wanted to give a back a little, so whatever.

MP3 of Boomdeyada

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